In Canada, there is an opportunity to enjoy all different types of international cuisine, and each Canadian will have a least a few favorite restaurants which they enjoy regularly. Within the restaurant categories, the pizza chains are high up on the list of favorites.


One of the many aspects which make the pizza restaurants in Canada so popular is their versatility when it comes to choices in their offerings. Each restaurant will often try to come up with something different.

Best Pizza Places in Canada

In 2019, the best pizza places were identified in several locations throughout Canada such as:

  • Pizzeria Gusto located in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Fiazza Fresh Fired located in Ottawa, Ontario.
  • General Assembly Pizza and The Good Son, both located in Toronto, Ontario.
  • Antico Pizza Napoletana located in Kelowna, B.C.
  • Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine located in Montreal, Quebec.
  • Nina Pizza Napolitaine also in Quebec.

Best Pizza Places in Canada worth Traveling For

Pizza has always been favored by many, ranging from children to seniors. People also demand the very best in this particular type of food. Some don’t mind traveling great distances to a pizza restaurant which has a good reputation. Some pizza places worth visiting for the experience are:

  • Vittorio Colacitti, Top Chef Canada contestant and owner of The Good Son restaurant, opened last year on Queen Street West. Vittorio’s pizza is worth making the trip to Toronto.
  • On the East coast of Canada, there is a famous pizza place called Morris East, in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The head chef placed third at the International Pizza Expo.
  • In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a restaurant called Christie’s II Secondo, is a popular place and is well known for their wood fired pizza.

Vegan Foods Offered at Pizza Restaurants

A lot of the pizza restaurants are now focusing on offering alternatives in food which are classed by some as being healthier. To do this, they are offering vegan dishes. Here are some examples:

  • Pizza Hut has a new vegan item on their menu. It’s an appetizer called Jack’N’Roll; it is a tortilla wrap consisting of jackfruit, sweet chili, and Violife Vegan cheese.
  • Boston Pizza has a few items on their menu to accommodate vegans. They have different kinds of pasta, vegan pizza (if you order it without cheese), Pomodoro sauce, and many different side dishes.
  • Pizza Pizza, along with their vegan cheese options have vegan salads on their menu as well.

Pizza is always going to remain popular in Canada. The chains which offer this food throughout the country most often do very well. This is not just the large food chains either. There are many Mom and Pop styled pizza restaurants that have a considerable amount of repeat business.