A lot of people are becoming more health conscious and are taking a closer look at the types of food they are consuming. This means that many are looking at whether pizza is a food that they need to omit from their diet. For some, the solution to not having to give up one of their favorite foods is to go with a vegan pizza.

Restaurants and Vegan Pizza

A lot of pizza chains have revamped their menus to offer with healthier food choices when it comes to pizza options. This allows them to keep their customers who are showing concerns about eating pizza as they feel may not be a healthy choice for them.

How to Order a Vegan Pizza

Food lovers are always looking for a new and more popular option which now seems to be vegan pizza. To ensure your pizza is vegan when ordering, always ask for the thin garlic-herb crust, and specify you are vegan. Included on the vegan pizza are the simple tomato sauce and vegan parmesan cheese. You can order an array of sautéed veggies as toppings. If you go to Domino’s Pizza, the garlic sauce, hot buffalo sauce, BBQ sauce, and Italian dips are all vegan.

Who has Vegan Pizza?

There are several places you can order pizza.

  • Domino’s.
  • Papa John’s.
  • Little Caesars.
  • Pizza Hut.
  • Pizza Nova
  • Boston Pizza

Top Ten Vegan pizza places in Toronto

Toronto has become very vegan-friendly. There are several pizza parlours that are known for their great selection of vegan pizzas.

  • In Little Italy, a well-known pizza place, Virtuous Pie, has a multitude of vegan options. One of their toppings is spicy buffalo cauliflower.
  • Yorkville has a restaurant called Planta. Everything on offer in the restaurant is 100 percent plant based. One of their pizzas, the Bianca includes rosemary potatoes, kale, cashew mozzarella, capers, olives, and hot chili oil.
  • Pizza De Arte is a food chain with several locations throughout Toronto. There are eight different options for vegan pizza here.
  • Village Pizza is another chain with several locations in Toronto. Their most popular vegan pizza is called The Hungry Vegan. It is meatless, made with tomato sauce and many grilled veggie toppings such as eggplant, zucchini, and caramelized onions.
  • Another very popular pizza parlor is called North of Brooklyn. You can build your own pizza, and they do not charge extra for substitutions.
  • Relish is located on Danforth East and has tons of gluten-free and vegan menu items.

Vegan Pizza Options

You don’t have to go to a pizza parlor to get your vegan pizza. They are available at the supermarket, freshly made or frozen. The best option would be to make your own vegan pizza.