Pizza has always been a favorite food of many people. Pizza is so versatile; you can put any ingredients on them to suit your own personal preferences. Pizza is often the first choice of cuisine for the party setting. It is also a comfort food as seen in the example where some Canadian Air Traffic Controllers sent some pizza to their counterparts in the US who were working without pay.

Vegetarian Pizza

In today’s times, many people have become very health conscious and prefer to stay away from meats and meat by-products. Vegetarian style pizzas have become popular. Any kind of vegetable can be used on a vegetarian pizza. Some of the more popular vegetables that can be used are tomatoes, spinach, red peppers, green peppers, hot peppers, onions, olives. Vegetable options for pizza are endless, broccoli, cauliflower, and potatoes can also be used.

Meat Lovers Pizza

Creating a pizza topped with an abundance of meats fulfils the need to encompass protein into your diet. Regular or spicy sausage is commonly used. Hawaiian pizzas quite often have ham or bacon on them. This is one of the favorites that appear on many pizza menus and can often be found as a food selection at some of the major casinos where food fare is important to their brand.

Fruity Pizza

Some pizza recipes include different kinds of fruits which complement the other ingredients that are used. One of the most popular fruits is pineapple as it is sweet and blends well with pizza sauce and cheeses. It is very easy to create a fruit-topped pizza, but it’s best to use fruits that are in season for that extra fresh taste.

Chicken Pizza

Choosing a chicken pizza is a much leaner and healthier choice than some of the fatty meat-based pizzas. Chicken can be prepared in various ways as a pizza topper. The chicken can be grilled, barbequed, teriyaki style, buffalo wing style, or just seasoned with the spices of your choice.

Dessert Pizza

A new fad is a dessert pizza. A wonderful mixture of milk, dark and white chocolate can be combined with icings and candies to create a delicious end to a meal. Dessert pizzas can be served as snacks as well.

Additional Pizza Choices

Aside from the top 5 there are some other options:

  • Breakfast Pizza

Pizza can not only be more than just lunch or dinner. Pizza is so versatile you can also make a breakfast pizza, topping it with eggs and bacon and even drizzling a bearnaise sauce over it. Using English muffins to make individual breakfast pizzas is a great way to serve overnight guests.

Pizza Crusts

The traditional pizza crust is made with flour and yeast. However, a multitude of pizza crusts can be used. More recently cauliflower and zucchini are used to make pizza crust.